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Why is Plastic Recycling For Tennessee Such an Easy Task

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As plastic continues to be manufactured and dumped into landfills, we need to start taking more responsibility for our environment.

You can recycle any number of things including milk jugs, water bottles, aluminum cans and paper. The problem lies with all of the plastic bottles that may end up in our landfills. They take up a great deal of space and are not easy to break down. They also contain chemicals that may be harmful to the environment. If everyone recycled their own items, we could eliminate much of the garbage that is produced in the US every year.

Number Of Local Programs In Operation

To educate residents about recycling in Tennessee, there are a number of local programs in operation. The Environmental Protection Division of the Department of Health and Human Services is encouraging citizens to participate. They provide resources such as a “plastics recycling tip” card. This is very beneficial for those who want to recycle but may be intimidated by the process. There are also public meetings that occur in Nashville.

One of the key components of recycling in Tennessee is education. There are many workshops and courses that are available so that residents will know how to recycle. At one of these events, “reprocessing with spirit” is taught. This workshop covers all the basics of recycling, including sorting out recyclables, separating scrap metal from non-recycled items, proper disposal of materials and, most importantly, everyone gets some fresh air while they are learning!

Different Containers To Collect Their Recyclable Materials

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For example, in the workshop, the attendees get to choose different containers to collect their recyclable materials. One container is designated for glass. Another container is used for metal. Each group is then told what to do with their different recyclables. When everyone is done, everyone breaks up the collected items into smaller containers and takes them to their community recycling center.

Other States With Plastics Recycling Programs

In addition to Tennessee, there are other states that have plastics recycling programs. For example, New Jersey has implemented a program that requires businesses to separate glass from plastic when collecting paper or plastic. At the same time, a similar recycling initiative was launched in Illinois. The goal is for all recyclable items collected in each state to be sent to the manufacturers who make use of the plastics. States are working to make their programs more comprehensive and include more items that can be recycled.

Last Words

While some recycling programs are becoming more widely known, there is still a lot of work to be done to promote such efforts. Recycling in Tennessee seems to be on the verge of becoming more popular so it’s only a matter of time before more people become involved in the recycling initiative here. What’s great about recycling in Tennessee is that anyone can participate whether they are a resident or a visitor. So why not go out and help yourself?

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