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Water Pollution – What Is The Environmental Issues

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Water pollution refers to any kind of impurity in the water that may affect its ecosystem or human visitors. The source of this problem is not always obvious and it can be caused by a number of natural and man-made sources. Some types of water pollution can be quite harmful to both humans and the aquatic environment. One example of this is sewage contamination.

Sewage plants carry several different kinds of contaminants. The most common kind of contaminant is bacteria. These bacteria can cause illnesses if they grow too much in the water. Disinfection is necessary to keep these contaminants from harming people. Other possible causes of water pollution are chemicals, pesticides and waste. However, prevention is always better than cure.

An Overview

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Fish farming is another big reason for water pollution. This process involves collecting the wild ocean fish and then raising them for human consumption. Another type of pollution comes from the waste products that are discharged back into the sea. These can range from dead fish to fertilizers and pharmaceuticals. These chemicals can cause environmental issues because they alter the natural chemistry of the sea.

Many countries have banned the practice of fishing, however. In areas where fishing is still allowed, too many fish are being caught and discarded as bycatch. Fish waste is also one of the leading causes for contamination in the sea. This happens when the nets used to capture the fish get entangled in objects in the water. This causes the huge mess of the pollutants being released into the water. Another problem is that sometimes whole fleets of fishing boats are found to be dumping illegal fish from their catch.

Environmental Issues With Water Pollution

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Ocean pollution can also occur when people disturb the natural flow of the sea. For example, excessive fishing can cause a great deal of pollution in the seas. Fishing gears can clog up the water and this causes an imbalance in the natural oceanic currents. This can affect shipping routes and create problems for wildlife.

There are a number of environmental issues caused by fish. Fish farming is very popular in Asia and along with it the practice of catching and releasing fish into the sea. It is estimated that more than six million tons of fish are dumped into the sea each year. This is done in an effort to grow more fish, but this is one of the worst environmental issues related to fish farming. The fish often get sick or get diseases before being released back into the wild.

This leads to a huge shortage in fish stock and contributes to a loss of oxygen in the water. This means that fish die off quickly, causing severe problems for marine ecosystems and causing even more pollution. A lot of these fish are caught illegally, without proper permits. These illegal fishermen take part in what is considered a global crisis.

It is important to protect the environment from all the environmental issues water pollution causes. There are many efforts being made in this direction. One is trying to make the water safer for humans and other living creatures by creating artificial reefs. Another is making the seas less acidic, which has an impact on the ecology. Using clean technology such as advanced water purification systems is helping to reduce water pollution significantly.

Bottom Line

As you can see, water pollution can be both a problem and a cause of environmental issues. Luckily, there are measures being taken to deal with the problem. However, it is important to remember that man is a powerful force that can affect the environment in many ways, and thus it is up to each individual to do their part to prevent water pollution.

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