Tips On How To Recycle Plastic Bags - Tips On How To Recycle Plastic Bags -

Tips On How To Recycle Plastic Bags

how to recycling plastic bags

Plastic bags, so widespread today, are very harmful to the environment. We tell you how to avoid this by recycling them, avoiding their use, or choosing biodegradable bags. We have talked a lot in our blogs about the need to solve plastic bags that cause so much damage to the environment. Today we will discuss in more detail to know one of the possible ways of the solution: recycling.

Methods For Recycling Plastic Bags

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The easiest way to correctly recycle plastic bags is to deposit them in the yellow container closest to our house. The following materials must also be deposited in this container for recycling: Plastic bottles and containers: Plastic tubs, trays, wrappers, hygiene and cleaning products, and plastic bags. Metal containers: All types of cans, aluminum trays, metal caps, deodorant cans, caps, and aerosols. Remember to remove all the paper tickets and other non-plastic waste that is inside the plastic bags. Also, look at the symbols on the gears you will recycle and confirm that they have the correct symbol for recycling.

Reuse And Reduce Plastic Bags

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Something important to keep in mind is the basic rule of the “ 3 Rs ”. According to her, recycling is only part of the solution. It is also essential to REDUCE and REUSE. When we talk about reducing, the idea is to avoid as much as possible the use, delivery, or purchase of these bags. Some practical suggestions so that we can lower the amount of plastic bags. Find other types of bags or equivalents that are not disposable—for example, cloth or rope bags, baskets, baskets, or boxes. If you have a plastic bag, do not throw it away after the first use. Use it as many times as you can.

Making Plastic Bags

You can make a large proportion of plastic bags from recycled material, which reduces the environmental impact. The main difference between an ordinary plastic bag and a recycled plastic bag is that a large part of the recycled plastic bag, 60-90%, is recycled. Thus, it consumes less natural resources than a backpack made entirely of virgin plastic. Some of the recycled plastic bag’s raw materials come from protective plastics used in the transport of goods in grocery stores, some from the recycled material of the factories, and in the future also through the collection of consumer packaging. According to a study, a recycled plastic bag is the most climate-friendly shopping bag if it is assumed that each shopping bag option is used only once.

Summing Up With Ideas For Reusing Plastic Bags

There are many reasons to recycle plastic bags, and there are also many ways to reuse them. Here are some examples: You can also use it for your pets. For example, you can tie a plastic bag to the leash with which you walk your dog, so you can use it to clean the stools it makes in the street (there are still people who leave dog poop on the sidewalks or parks). Another use that plastic bags can have is as protectors against water. For example, if you want to go for a run even if it is raining and wish to bring your music, you can carry your Discman or mp3 in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet.

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