The Ultimate Guide To Tumbler Composting

Tumbler composting

There are several ways to natural recycling of which compost tumbler is one. Many people design the method they like to meet their target. Although, some of the methods might be extremely expensive while others are not. More so, no method is considered useless because they all have their benefits. Hence, a look into Tumbler Composting will do a lot of good.

Tumbler composting is easy and naturally good for recycling. It involves a barrel(container) and a tumbler. The processing requires one to pour the waste in the tumbler and then mix together to form fertilizer.

Furthermore, the practice of this system was traceable to the ancient Greeks. Then, it was not modernized but now, it has a lot of benefits. This blog post will serve as a guide for you to understand what tumbler composting entails. Below are subheadings arranged on a step-by-step guide to understanding it.

Getting Ready for Tumbler Composting

The Ultimate Guide To Tumbler Composting

Are you ready to compost? Good, let’s go. The tumbler method has been in existence since the 1970s. The idea of this method was to eradicate the land-to-land method of processing waste. Although modern tumbler has different types it is considered useful than the manual one.

Getting ready to tumble is easy. It requires strength and enough guidelines for proper processing. It has two types – vertical method and the horizontal method. Basically, the types are designed to process the waste faster that is why it is vertical and horizontal.

Tips To Tumbler Composting

The Ultimate Guide To Tumbler Composting

1. It Requires Screwdriver And Piler 

In tumbler composting, there is a need for you to tighten your nut, so as to avoid leakages of compost tea. Also, you need to check if the legs or stand is fully assembled to avoid waste of energy.

2. Know What Not To Compost 

In this type of compost method, avoid adding woody or twigs materials. Also, meats, dairy products or bones should not be included in the tumbler composting. This is because the turning engine might get damaged.

3. Balance Your Mix 

Another tip is to balance your mix. Make sure it is ready for processing and balance it with waste products that are suitable for soil nutrients. Remember, proper disposal of waste products into the tumbler composting gives effective soil nutrients.

4. Make A Space For Microbes 

Microbes are known to be a major factor that affects soil nutrients. Imagine that you have spent a huge amount of money to buy manure. You want to compost fast but your tumbler is bad. Also, microbes affect the waste, this might make you feel weak. Hence, for better soil nutrients, try and create a space for microorganisms.

5. Turn! Turn And Keep Turning

Also, you need enough strength to turn and turn over for a proper mixture of waste. Looking at this several times might waste time. Therefore, it is advisable you avoid looking at it by setting an alarm or time. 

Summary On Tumbler Composting

Follow the above tips and instructions for a better composting method. We are sure you would be happy if they are properly abided by. 

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