The Effects of Environmental Pollution on Health - Why You Should Be Very Careful -

The Effects of Environmental Pollution on Health – Why You Should Be Very Careful

effects of environmental pollution

The effects of environmental pollution on health are numerous. There have been numerous scientific experiments on the relationship between exposure to toxins and health. It has been found that air pollution, water pollution, pesticides, additives and insecticides all have a devastating effect on the body. All of these are well known pollutants. What is not so widely known is how they cause health problems and what you can do about it. This article will address some of the major negative effects of pollutants and why you should make changes to help protect your health.

An Overview

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The first area is detoxification. This involves getting rid of toxins from the body. The liver is the primary organ responsible for this function. When toxins are present in the body, it will function more slowly, raising the risks of disease and illness. In addition to the liver, organs like the colon, kidneys and skin are also negatively affected by these toxins.

Next, consider the damaging affects that tobacco, asbestos and other pollutants have on your health. Tobacco smoke contains over four thousand different chemicals. These chemicals can attack the lining of the lungs and other areas of the body. Asbestos is another common substance that is found in most buildings. Studies have shown that even small amounts of asbestos can be hazardous to your health.

Air pollution causes damage to the upper respiratory system as well. Emissions from industry, manufacturing and waste disposal are common causes of asthma. Both tobacco smoke and pollution from the built environment can aggravate asthma symptoms and cause other health problems. Pollution from automobiles is also believed to increase the risk for a variety of respiratory problems. Pollution from the home is also considered a cause for illness and disease.

Environmental Pollution’s Effect On Health

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While some pollutants can be controlled by making changes to your lifestyle, others cannot. This is because chemicals used to produce the pollution linger in the atmosphere and move into the soil and water. These chemicals can also travel into the food you eat and the products you use. By eating a healthy diet, being active and limiting your exposure to toxins, you can reduce your risks of disease and illness.

There are some unavoidable sources of pollutants. For example, your vehicle generates pollution on its own. Also, the chemicals used to create plastic bottles may not be removed from them. Even the exhaust from a car or truck is a source of pollution. Air pollution is a problem that has become more noticeable during the recent buildup of atmospheric gasses.

The effects of environmental pollution on health are more than just the obvious. They can also lead to other health problems, such as allergies, headaches, muscle soreness and even cancer. Not only are pollution a health issue, but it is also a social issue. When pollution is present in our neighborhoods, our towns and our cities, we are forced to deal with it by making a change in our daily lives.

One day, maybe the world will understand the effects of environmental pollution on health. Until then, we have to continue to take steps to try to control pollution levels. It is something that affects us all. If you want to do something about it, start today by purchasing a green cleaning product and learn as much as you can about the causes of environmental pollution.

In The End

The effects of environmental pollution on health are a very real issue. There is no way around it. We all need to take a very active role in creating a better world for future generations. If you are concerned about the effect of pollution on health, then you owe it to yourself and your family to learn about the different ways you can help. With some simple changes, you will soon see an improved quality of life and health for you and your entire family.

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