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The Best Solutions Of Environmental Pollution

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The solution to environmental pollution is a very important issue. Pollution has become part and parcel of our lives and is threatening the future generation. We cannot do much to stop it if we are not aware of the causes and effects of pollution. Solutions for environmental pollution depend on two things – awareness and solutions.

Human-Induced And Natural

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Environmental pollution occurs due to many reasons, some of them are human-induced, and some are natural. Human-induced pollution is caused by waste disposal methods and waste products such as pesticides and industrial wastes. On the other hand, natural pollution occurs through natural processes like climate change, ocean erosion and the introduction of new species. So far as the solutions for this problem are concerned, the first and foremost solution is education. We need to be more conscious about the products we use and the effect of waste disposal methods on the environment. Awareness will help us reduce environmental pollution and hence will play a very important role in the solution of environmental pollution.

We Know The Solution!

Secondly, the solution to these problems can be supplied from within ourselves. People need to be educated to understand the importance of recycling and how it can benefit both their physical and social well being. The promotion of recycling can go a long way in solving these problems. It will also create a healthy environment for the community at large.

Need For Legislation

Thirdly, there is a need for legislation that will control pollution. The government has introduced environmental protection acts and laws in different parts of the world. But these acts do not apply to some developed countries like the US and Canada. Developed countries can do their share in curbing pollution, but still, they are limited in terms of their capacity.

Make Better Use Of Technology

Fourthly, we can make better use of technology for the reduction of pollution. Efforts should be made to develop clean and green technologies for the production of electricity and the manufacture of plastic. Also, the recycling of waste and the use of biodegradable substances should be promoted. We should reduce the use of toxic chemicals in our environment.

Protect The Environment

Fifthly, we must protect the environment. We need to take care of it and not just enjoy it without any concern. The pollution will cause environmental and social disorder in our society and also in the world at large. We should make a conscious effort to use fewer chemical products in our daily lives. We should make our city pollution-free and sustainable.

Involvement Of All Sections

Sixthly, the involvement of all sections of society in the solution of this problem can help. When people participate in pollution, at least some of the pollution is reduced. Thereby, the concentration of toxic materials in the land will come down. Also, when there is a concentration of toxic material in the land, it is bound to be cleaned up. This will not only benefit the present generation but will also benefit future generations.

Research Continues

Today, many solutions for the solution of environmental pollution are being worked on. The progress in this field has brought new benefits as well as new problems for humanity. If we can use the scientific communities’ solutions, we can save the environment from further deterioration. With this, we believe that we can say that we have found a solution to the pollution.

A Never Ending Problem!

But, the problem persists. So, what is the next step? The solutions given above will not work immediately. The governments need more time and more financial resources to be spent. Only then we can say that these solutions have been proved. On the other hand, if we try to tackle this problem ourselves, we might not save the environment from further deterioration. It is because we create pollution. It is not only the rich who create pollution. Even the simple things we do like inhaling bad gases, emissions from factories, etc…Have harmful effects on the environment.

In Conclusion

Therefore, it is better to go for a solution to pollution than wait for pollution. Today, with the help of science and technology, we are facing fewer problems in tackling pollution. Thereby, we can say that we have found a solution to pollution. We should act with full strength towards a pollution-free environment so that future generations can enjoy it.

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