Soft Plastic Recycling- Get All The Information That You Should Know, Here -

Soft Plastic Recycling- Get All The Information That You Should Know, Here

soft plastic recycling

In this world, pollution has become one of the biggest problems which raise other problems. Many people are taking different steps to make the environment clean. One way to protect and clean the environment is soft plastic recycling, as plastic is a kind of waste that cannot even be reused or recycled naturally. So you must know the way it can be recycled and what kind of plastic material you can recycle. In this article, we are going to discuss all the information related to it. So to know about this step to reduce pollution you must check out this full article.

What Is Soft Plastic?

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Before we discuss anything about this program, we must have our basic knowledge clear. So what is called soft plastic? Soft plastic is the kind of plastic that can be scrunched into a ball.

 Plastic shopping bags, Bread, rice, pasta, lolly, and cereal bags, Biscuit packs, Frozen food bags, Bubble wrap, Fruit and veg bags and netting, Toilet paper packaging, and similar product packaging, Old green bags all come under soft plastic, and you can recycle then under this program.

About The Program!

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This amazing program is free and is made possible through REDcycle, which has worked with Coles and Woolworths/Safeway Supermarkets to set up collection bins in stores across most metro areas of Australia. All the plastic collected is turned into furniture and other things for kindergartens and schools.

How To Be Part Of The Program?

The process for the people is so easy; all you have to do is collect all your used soft plastics and bring them back to the store, and put them in the soft plastics recycling bin. But you have to take care that the plastic you are bringing should be clean, dry, and empty soft plastic bags and packages. Compostable plastic bags or plant-based plastics are not accepted in recycling. The sad thing about the program is that only 47% of people know about the program.

What Should You Do?

First of all, you must take part in this program as explained above and then you must ask people to take part in it. After this, to complete the process, you must buy the recycled one and must encourage the local council and school by making contact with them.


To save our environment, we must take as many steps as we can. We must take part in programs like soft plastic recycling and also most encourage other people to take part in it. These small steps can make our environment clean, and we will live in a healthy environment. I hope the information above is helpful for you and you are going to be a part of the program.

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