Recycle Plastic Bags - Why Recycling Plastic Bags is Important -

Recycle Plastic Bags – Why Recycling Plastic Bags is Important

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Recycling plastic bags is more important than you might think. Plastic bags, like cardboard and supermarket bags, are harmful to the recycling system. Through the simple act of separating the plastics from your groceries and other items, you reduce the amount of trash going into our garbage and landfills. Through the same process, it’s taken to a sorting plant where different materials go through the shredder and then onto the conveyor belt where it is sorted out. However, when plastic bags go through that procedure, they gum up the conveyor belts and prevent the conveyor belts from going through smoothly, thereby causing numerous hours of delays in the sorting process.

Most people are aware of how much plastic bags that are purchased each year end up in landfills. Plastic bags are a huge contributor to the problem of landfills because of the volume that must be kept in them. These bags are the source of many chemicals in landfills. If you don’t recycle plastic bags or change the ones you already have, you may be contributing to the growth of millions of tons of plastics that are taking up space in landfills around the country. If you’d like to help reduce the impact that plastic bags have on our environment, please consider learning how to recycle plastic bags.

Process Of Making Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags are made of a number of chemicals and each type of bag creates a particular environmental problem. PVC bags lead to significant amounts of pollution in the atmosphere, and they also cause issues with the absorption of water. A little bit of rain will wash them away, but for long periods of time this causes them to build up in the soil and pollute the water table of lakes and rivers, which ultimately affects the wildlife population. Another major problem that comes from recycling plastic bags is that once they are disposed of, there is no way to get rid of them. This means that after they accumulate in landfills they tend to get caught in other trash forms, such as weeds and leaves, and then there are the decomposing piles of plastics that can take hundreds of years to decompose.

A great way to help reduce your impact on the environment is to change your grocery store shopping habits. It is very tempting to reuse plastic bags at the checkout counter. However, if a store allows them, it will create more waste than if you simply did not use them. Also, when you shop at a grocery store that allows you to reuse your bags the first time you visit, make sure you have a change when you get home. You are not only doing yourself a favor by carrying around a new plastic bag, you are helping to keep the environment clean.

Types Of Recycling Plastic Bags

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The most common type of recycling plastic bags is for single use items. For these bags you can just throw them in the trash or just collect them, but for some other paper bags this is not an option. The problem with paper bags is that they are not biodegradable, meaning that they sit around and decompose, and they take up to 100 years to decompose. These paper bags can contain all sorts of things such as food waste, cardboard, old bottles that are broken, and other solid waste that are not biodegradable.

Some companies are working on ways to help the environment by recycling plastic bags. One method that is gaining traction is using polyethylene. This is a natural biodegradable material that can be melted and used as an additive to various other materials, such as polythene bags. By combining the high efficiency of polyethylene with its ability to make compost, these bags can help reduce the amount of solid waste going into the landfills and the amount of landfill space taken up by the garbage disposal system.

Explore More About Recycling Plastic Bags

Some people just do not have the time or the energy to go to the local recycling center. In these cases it is possible to simply recycle plastic bags instead. Instead of taking one bag to the landfill, you can take many more to be reused in your home or office. These bags may be discarded at any number of places, from the refrigerator to the curb. There are even restaurants that offer to pick up your empty polyethylene bags so that you don’t have to.

Final Thoughts

As technology increases and becomes more accessible, even more ideas for recycling plastic bags are coming up. Companies are working hard to come up with better ways to reuse these materials, whether you choose to use the new technology yourself or just save the empty ones for another day. If you want to get involved in helping to reduce the landfill waste that we produce, consider investing in a few different kinds of recycled bags for your home or office. You can start your own compost heap today.

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