Need For Recycling Plastic Bottles -

Need For Recycling Plastic Bottles

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Plastic is one of the most harmful substances to the environment. It is a non-biodegradable substance that stays in the environment and hollows it from within. One of the major forms of plastic is plastic bottles. They are found in almost every household. There is thus an urgent need for recycling plastic bottles to minimize their waste. There are many ways in which you can reuse your old plastic bottles and transform them into something completely new. In this way, you can also reduce a lot of waste accumulation in the environment. By recycling plastic bottles, you will not just be able to generate new things for yourself, but you will also be able to cut down plastic conglomeration. 

Since the environment is already facing a lot of issues, it will be beneficial if each one of us began recycling our plastic products into something new. 

Different Ways Of Recycling Plastic Bottles

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There are a lot of ways of recycling plastic bottles that have gone bad or because they have turned old. Here we have found some interesting ways using which you can transform your plastic bottles into something productive. 

Bird Feeder

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A bird feeder is an excellent byproduct of a plastic bottle. All that you required is a plastic bottle and some wooden spoons. Create holes on two sides of the bottle. At some distance, punch another pair of holes. Pass the spoons from them. Fill the bottle with a bird feeder and hang them on your balcony. You will see beautiful birds every day on your balcony. 


You can use big plastic bottles and transform them into your kitchen containers. Take two plastic bottles and cut the top part of one and the base of another. Fix the base as a lid on the bottle whose top you have removed. Paint them in different colors, and you have your storage boxes ready. 

Plant pots

Another way of recycling plastic bottles is by using them as plant pots. Place a bottle horizontally and slice its top layer. Fill the entire bottle with soil and place your plants. You can do this either horizontally or vertically. Once the plants are fixed, you can hang them somewhere or place them on shelves. 

Fancy Bowls

Cut the bottom part of your bottle and even out their edges by using an iron. You will get nicely made bowls. To decorate them further, you can spray paint them using different colors or use colorful lace to cover them up. 


These were some of the easiest and doable ways of recycling plastic bottles that have been piling up in your home. Get your scissors and paintbrushes ready and transform your bottles into something else. You will not just create new items but will also diminish a lot of plastic burden from the environment. 

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