How To Compost? Everything You Need To Know -

How To Compost? Everything You Need To Know

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If you are searching for a way to use your garbage, then you should definitely consider composting. But how to compost? We will discuss everything, step by step and you will be able to do it yourself at your home. It is easy to do. Furthermore, it is beneficial for the environment. Let us begin!

Most Of Compost!

Compost is a special kind of dirt that you can make, by setting aside certain kinds of trash and letting it rot. It might seem kind of yucky to keep a bunch of old banana peels and dead leaves around. But this waste will eventually turn to compost. You can use this in your garden to grow flowers or vegetables or anything you want!

For example, an apple, after a while gets all brown, mushy and kind of slimy. And eventually, it starts disappearing. But it doesn’t just go away. It decomposes. But what is decomposing?


When something decomposes, it breaks down into tiny pieces. Decomposing is helped along by a group of living things called decomposers.

How To Compost? Everything You Need To Know
How To Compost? Everything You Need To Know

Decomposers get thereby breaking down the things that were once alive. That apple core? It was a part of an apple tree. And the bread crust from your sandwich? That was made from ground-up parts of the wheat plant.

How To Start?

Many people who make compost have a big bin in their yard somewhere. But if you don’t have a yard, you can still make compost in a small container. It can be a special compost bucket or even an empty soda bottle.

Let us start by looking at our bin. The bin can be made of metal, plastic or wood. But it should have holes in it so that the air can get in and out. Air is an important ingredient in making good compost.

Next, we need our waste. We should divide it into two parts or two colors. The waste we usually use for compost is either green or brown. Green waste includes things like kitchen scraps. But we can use all of the stuff that we throw out in the kitchen. Brown waste is usually brown! This includes dead leaves, straw, and sawdust.

How To Compost? Everything You Need To Know
How To Compost? Everything You Need To Know

How To Compost?

Layer the bottom of the container with 1 inch of garden soil and above that 1 inch of compost to start the pile. It will help to introduce the correct bacteria. The best place to start composting is outdoors. Now add the kitchen scraps. They break down quickly and do not attract rodents or insects. Followed by green materials. These are high in nitrogen and are used to activate the heat process. Add crushed eggshells to add calcium. After that add neem leaves to the mix as it will add anti-bacterial properties. Repeat the process and add multiple layers of kitchen waste, neem leaves, and soil respectively.

Press the mix with your hand to compress it. So that all the times come into contact with one another. To avoid any spills place a shallow tray/tub underneath the container. Water the mix, whenever you feel it is getting dry. Usually, after 2 to 3 months, the compost gets ready. You can use it in your garden.

This was a complete guide to ‘how to compost’ and now you are ready to make your own compost at home.

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