Free Compost Near Me – How You Can Get Compost Materials For Free

free compost near me

As food is necessary for you, the same way, organic compost is necessary for your garden. Undoubtedly, organic compost is very expensive, and not all gardeners cannot afford it. As a result, gardeners start searching for ‘’free compost near me’’ on Google. 

Some are very lucky; they get free compost easily in the locality. Some have to struggle and end up shelling money or taking the pain of making compost at home. Not every time sources are available to get free compost; sometimes, you need to take additional pain. 

So today, we’ll be sharing some sources where you can get cheap (or free) compost materials to make your desired type of compost

Breakfast Cafes

Breakfast cafes are the best source where you can find tons of compost materials yearly. Most restaurant owners must exclude veggies, egg whites, eggshells, fruit peels, potatoes, etc. These are actually the best compost materials that you can get for free without any hassles. 

It’s a waste material for restaurant owners, and they won’t charge a single penny for it. The only matter is finding the places that are ready to lend the compost materials to you. We’re sure that restaurant owners won’t have any problem if you’re taking the waste material and reusing it. 

In case if someone asks you why you need these compost materials, you can tell the reason. If you’re making the compost pile for your home garden, one week of compost materials from one or two restaurants is more than enough. 

Small Coffee Shops

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Apart from the veggies and eggs, you can also get the used coffee grounds. Instead of going to the big cafes, you should target the small coffee shops. The small coffee shops are the best place because they dump their waste material daily on their own. 

Above all, the small coffee shops save the grounds because customers ask for them. So basically, in the small coffee shops, you can go anytime and get some compost material for your pile. Even these small coffee shops serve lunch and dinner; thus, you can get some rotten veggies and fruits. 

Grocery Shops

We can’t grocery shops because the shop owners dump pounds of rotten veggies and fruits every day. Don’t go for the big chains because you might have a hard time dealing with them. The small grocery shops will lend you the waste material easily without asking any questions. 

You simply have to tell the reason to the shop owners about what you’ll be doing with the expired produces. Instead of asking any question, they might even drop the compost materials at the doorstep. Don’t entertain the grocery shops who are even asking a single dollar for the waste material. 

Final Thoughts

So instead of searching for the ‘’free compost near me,’’ you can knock on the doors of some shops and get compost materials for free. Your garden will undoubtedly thank you with fresh produces for your valuable efforts. If you want to learn more about making compost at home, check out our other posts. 

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