Food Waste Statistics You Need to Know -

Food Waste Statistics You Need to Know

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After all this time, hunger and malnutrition are still global problems. Many people even can’t eat three times a day while we spend 1.3 billion tons of food waste annually. These are part of the food waste statistics.

The numbers might just be a scare for many, but it brings us to reality. Food waste is becoming one of the most significant contributors to Earth’s degradation. It is the truth that we need to swallow to save our people and the environment.

Let us discuss more creepy factual statistics about the matter. Please find out how you can do something about it today.

Facts about Food Waste Statistics

1.   What are the numbers in the origin of the problem?

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According to the World Counts, we need several things to bring one meal to the table each time. These are ten kilograms of soil, one liter of fuel, eight hundred of water, 1 gram of pesticide, and three kilograms of Carbon Dioxide. 

Do you see the problem now?

Humans are too cruel to the environment; it demands too much. The problem’s root lies in how food is made today. There is too much in the equation that the Earth can’t keep up anymore. However, most of these foods go to waste as well.

2.   What are the numbers in the effects of the problem?

In the coming years, we will need more land to cope up with the world’s population. It is notably about food supply and demand. We are degrading three billion of ground already. The water pollution and others are not even on it.

Food waste statistics are getting scarcer as the Earth ages. Its effects are steadily becoming irreversible. In twenty years, we might be consumed by these all. We would not have enough to sustain our needs.

3.   What are the numbers in solving the problem?

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As of today, six priorities are being considered in terms of food waste statistics. The government has been looking into small to large scale solutions to the matters. You can do something about it too. Start with your meal today.

You can always make and plan your meals ahead with just a simple meal plan. You can list all the ingredients needed, and you will be able to measure and control your food waste. You may opt for vegetables and fruits that can be eaten right away.

When you cook these foods, you need to make sure you are cooking in the right amount so there will be no food to throw in the bin. However, if you have leftovers, make sure to consume them the next day and finish everything.


When handling food waste, always be mindful and smart in doing so. Food waste is a huge problem in today’s society, and it is not helping our environment. It only adds up to the world’s waste, and it also adds up to the Earth’s degradation. Make a move today and reduce food waste now!

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