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To create a safe and healthy working environment, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has set up a number of objectives for 2021. These are aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of work-related risks, encouraging prevention, and protecting workers’ health.

The EHS 2021 goals are a set of environmental and health goals that the European Union plans to achieve by 2021.

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Here are some of the goals to be achieved.

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1. Climate and Energy

– Share of renewable energy to be at least 27% of EU’s total energy consumption.

– 40% decrease in overall greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels.

2. Transport

– Reduction in CO 2 emissions from new cars to 95g/km by 2020 (compared with 130g/km today).

3. Air quality

– Significant reduction in premature deaths due to air pollution, which should reach a rate not exceeding 25% of the 2010 value – 50 000 fewer premature deaths per year – as well as a reduction by at least 60% in the number of people affected by major allergies.

4. Water management and Waste management

– Increase freshwater aquatic life by supporting biodiversity in water bodies

– Halve the amount of municipal waste going to landfill

– 75% reuse and recycling rate for municipal waste

5. Chemicals

– Reach full implementation of REACH by 2019

– Reduce the number of incidents involving dangerous substances significantly

– No health risks from hazardous chemicals in products

6. Nature

– Protect biodiversity and ecosystems by halting the loss of habitats

– Halve the rate of population decline for threatened species, reduce invasive alien species to zero and restore at least 15% of degraded ecosystems.

7. Food safety

– Transparent food information on origin, ingredients, additives, and nutritional value available to consumers covering at least 65 percent of the most popular foods sold in retail outlets by 2020.

– No new food safety hazards to be identified in the EU.

8. Safety and health at work

– Reduce lost working days due to work-related illness by 1.3 million; reduce fatalities from work accidents by 50%.

9. Sustainable consumption and production (SCP)

– Increase resource productivity – including through eco-design – to support sustainable growth and change the patterns of consumption and production – towards a circular economy where resources are used in a more efficient way, restoring their high quality for re-use

10. Green industry opportunities

– Enhance green innovation in products, services, or processes that contribute to climate protection or increased resource efficiency. New green jobs should amount to 20 million in 2020

11. Climate Change Mitigation

– Reduce GHG emissions from sectors not covered by the EU ETS to 20% below 1990 levels

12. Climate Change adaptation

– Increase the number of at least 500 000 flood resilient buildings and 100 million m2 of flood protection by 2020

– Provide food security for 2 million people in rural areas, 400 000 in urban floods, and 1.8 million under increased water stress due to climate change by 2020

13. Energy Union

The Energy Union strategy includes a binding renewable energy target at 27%; a 40% GHG reduction; minimum secure energy supplies during winter periods; strategic gas stocks equal to 90 days of consumption; electricity interconnections at least 10%10% higher than today’s level; removing barriers to energy market integration; and modernizing the EU’s energy infrastructure.


The EHS 2021 goals are an important step in ensuring that the European Union is able to meet its environmental and health targets. The goals will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and protect biodiversity and ecosystems. Meeting these goals will require cooperation between different sectors of society and will require the use of innovative technologies. By working together, we can ensure a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for Europe.

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