Commercial Composting Toilet Systems Can Be The Next Step Towards Sustainable Development -

Commercial Composting Toilet Systems Can Be The Next Step Towards Sustainable Development

commercial composting toilet systems

Building a new home means that it has to be perfect in all aspects. However, you must also be concerned about your surroundings. Do you know that toilets generate an immeasurable amount of wastes every day? In that case, what’s the solution?

Today, commercial composting toilet systems are replacing the traditional ones. These systems are quite similar to your garden composter. It works at breaking down human waste into humus that can be used as fertilizer. To know more about the benefits of this system, take a look over here. 

  1. Dry System
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Don’t think that composting toilets collect human waste downstream, rather it’s just the opposite. These systems mostly remain dry and use processes like anaerobic digestion and vermiculture to make nutrient-rich hummus. This helps in overseeing that the excrement does not get contaminated. As a result, there remain dry biosolids that can be used for various gardening and farming applications. 

  1. High Utility

The commercial composting toilet systems are excellent for rural areas which do not have access to the latest plumbing systems. Moreover, everything that goes into the system, including paper gets recycled into fertilizers. In addition to this, there is no need for vast sewage systems that will treat the onsite waste. Interestingly, this commercial system can greatly cut down the use of commercial fertilizers.  

  1. Helps To Save Water
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Most of these composting systems do not even need water. Certain models, like the ones that use vermiculture, might need some irrigation. However, if you have a proper rainwater harvesting system, then you can fulfil this need easily. Consequently, you will end up saving gallons of water every year. So, it’s time to save from your monthly water bills significantly. 

  1. Hassle-free Installation

If you think that these commercial composting toilet systems require huge plumbing requirements, then no. In fact, it’s their minimal plumbing requirements that make them ideal for renovations and new constructions. All you need to look into is that there is enough space in the sublevel for installing and removing bins. In short, these models ensure a feasible and affordable waste management system. 

  1. Just Your Regular Toilet

A composting toilet system is nothing different from your regular toilet. The only difference is that it uses components and chambers. Rest, it works at separating solids and liquids. Solid wastes move to a chamber where some bacteria and fungi break down the waste quickly and effectively. However, you need to make sure that are appropriate oxygen levels, carbon materials and temperature for its smooth functioning.

Leave Behind Less Carbon Footprint

The wastes derived from commercial composting toilet systems can be used as natural fertilizers for plant growth. In this way, they help in improving the overall quality of the soil just with human waste. These systems are providing a renewable resource to the planet.   

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