An Aerobic Digestion Of Food Waste Is The Way A Cat Grows - An Aerobic Digestion Of Food Waste Is The Way A Cat Grows -

An Aerobic Digestion Of Food Waste Is The Way A Cat Grows

anaerobic digestion of food waste

Anaerobic digestion is a process whereby food is broken down in the absence of air or oxygen. This process breaks down proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and other nutrients. The breakdown of these nutrients involves a process called denitrification. This process of digestion is very important for obtaining energy, yet in our modern day diet, the majority of nutrition comes from food that is processed and eaten without the aid of enzymes.

Enzymes are the catalysts involved in the breakdown of food in our bodies. This process is carried out by the intestinal tract. The human digestive system uses two sets of enzymes, known as cysteine and methionine, to break down the food that has been consumed. Unfortunately, the numbers of these enzymes that are present in the body are insufficient to meet the needs of our body. Hence, the body has to obtain additional enzymes from other sources.

Useful Source Of Enzymes

A blender filled with food

One of the most useful sources of these enzymes is food that is anaerobes or those that have an excessive amount of air and organic matter. Anaerobic bacteria feed on the air and food, breaking them down into carbon dioxide and water. This process generates heat, which in turn generates energy.

Food that is considered to be anaerobic digestion sensitive, contains a high level of peroxide or sulfur dioxide in its sample. When this occurs, the anaerobic bacteria are unable to break the food down to their basic components. This leads to the development of toxins and carcinogens. A study performed by the University of Reading in the UK reported that people who suffer from chronic headaches were found to have significantly lower levels of the chemical sulfur in their urine samples than people without acute headaches. Sulfur has also been proven to inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells. Sulfur is known to inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi and others in the human body.

Food that is anaerobic digestion sensitive cannot be properly digested unless the anaerobic bacteria are present. Anaerobic bacteria are the ones that help in the decomposition process. They also are the ones that create the gas methane that is the main component of organic waste. Without them, there would be no decomposition, and no way for the carbon dioxide to be broken down either.

Different Ideas

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There are a lot of different things that make up waste. It can be broken down either through aerobic or anaerobic digestion. A lot of factors go into determining the type of bacteria that will help break it down. Some of these factors are things like the nutrient levels in the soil, the acidity or alkalinity of the soil, the temperature of the soil, and the type of crop the soil is grown upon.

The most important factor is the temperature of the digestive process. This is why most microbes do best in an alkaline environment. The digestion of protein depends on amino acids and other factors. A lack of amino acids means that the process of protein digestion is not going to work properly. The presence of certain nutrients also plays a role.

Aerobic Digestion Of Food Waste

The most common anaerobic digestion of food waste that happens in a home is when a cat throws up. Usually this happens when they are particularly malnourished. Sometimes it is due to a prescription medication that they have been taking. In any case, it is important to keep the cat as healthy as possible so that it will be easier for it to process food waste properly.

Some cats are known to have anaerobic digestion. It has nothing to do with the way in which the cat was living before. It can happen when they were very lean and healthy. It just took them a chance to live in a more anaerobic environment. The process may have started in the wild when predators fed on the animal that was carrying the food.

The cat does not necessarily have to eat the food to start the process. If the cat is very lean, then it will have used up all its food and will need to burn off the extra calories that are in the body. It will naturally produce more energy to get the job done. Over time, the process will work to break down the food waste until there is no smell at all left.


A cat that is not getting sufficient amounts of nutrition through diet can become malnourished. This will lead to anaerobic digestion of food waste that can cause the cat to gain weight. Once this happens, it is difficult for the cat to go back to eating a healthy diet.

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