All About Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

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What Is Environmentally Friendly Cleaning?

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Environmental friendly cleaning is the type of cleaning that does not include any type of harsh chemicals or hazardous waste. There are companies out there now that produce environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and they work well at removing all types of dirt, stains, and germs. You can buy these products online or in local retail stores like Walmart, The Dollar Store, Walgreens, etc. Usually, consumers choose to go this route because it’s healthier for them, their animals (pets), children, elderly parents who may be visiting, or even if you’re pregnant. 

Why Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Are Preferred?

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These days more people are aware of how much harm chemical cleaners can do to your body, especially if you have allergies. Another reason why so many people are preferring environmentally friendly cleaning is that it’s better for the environment and it’s better for your wallet. Take for example a gallon of bleach – one gallon can cost anywhere from $5-$7 and you’re only going to get around 64 ounces of liquid into that container. When you compare that to purchasing a gallon of environmentally friendly cleaner, that may cost $8-$12 depending on where you buy it, but it is giving you 128 ounces of cleaner which is double the amount. In addition, most environmentally friendly cleaning supplies will last twice as long because they are highly concentrated, so it’s more economical in comparison with chemical cleaners.

The environmentally friendly cleaner also has numerous uses from disinfecting kitchen utensils or bathroom surfaces, mopping floors, or even washing. You can find whatever type of environmentally friendly cleaner you would like in a variety of scents to meet everyone’s needs. For example, if you have animals in your home and they often come into the kitchen for a drink or a snack, many people use a pet-friendly cleaning agent which is designed to not only remove pet hair but also neutralize odors. If you purchase environmentally friendly cleaners online via websites like eBay several sellers will give you samples so that you can try them out first without having to buy an entire gallon or container.

Environmental friendly cleaning does not mean you should avoid using soap and water. They are perfectly acceptable to use in combination with environmentally friendly cleaners depending on the job at hand. When it comes down to buying supplies, usually consumers purchase what they can afford, because let’s face it no matter what your income level is if you want healthy living then you’re going to have to spend a few extra dollars here and there because these products can be expensive when compared to purchasing concentrated bleach or ammonia-based cleansers.

Benefits Of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning:

Environmentally friendly cleaning has many benefits for both consumers and the environment. Not only is it safer for people that have allergies or sensitive skin, but it’s also better for the earth because you’re not pouring chemicals down drains that eventually make their way into rivers, lakes, and oceans which can cause harm to wildlife and in some cases even contaminate drinking water sources. Lastly, if a consumer goes this route they will save money over time by buying environmentally friendly cleaners – approximately double the amount of liquid per bottle or jug when compared with chemical-based cleaners. By choosing environmentally friendly cleaning agents, consumers and the environment win while also saving money in the long run.

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