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5 Tips For Paper And Plastic Recycling To Make Best Out Of Available Resources

paper and plastic recycling

Paper and plastic recycling is the best way you can give back to mother earth. One of the worst inventions of humans is plastic. Plastic is one of the most toxic elements, which is not only ruining humans but disturbing other creatures as well. Being in the 21st century and still not getting it is the worst mistake we all are making. 

The amount of plastic produced to date is hard to destroy. But we can at least limit its production by paper and plastic recycling. Paper is essential, but we waste it in all possible ways. Not only paper and plastic but many other things can be recycled

Don’t Be A Wish Cycler.

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You don’t need to recycle all of your waste things, such as garden hoses, boxes, and old tangled strings of lights that you have used in Christmas decorations. If they all are not in bad conditions or damaged little, you can donate them to charity or can give them to the thrift store so they can be used again. So, think before putting anything in the bin for recycling. 

Don’t Recycle Anything Smaller Than A Credit Card.

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To become a good recycling guide, you may be excited to recycle everything you found. Well, that’s not applicable as tiny things like bottle caps, etc., can get stuck in the machines that are used for recycling. So, before throwing anything into the recycle bin, make sure to check if either it is bigger than credit or not. If not, then don’t throw it for recycling. 

Keep Things Loose

Keeping things for recycling is good but make sure to keep them loose but tied together. This is because while putting the things into recycling machines, these materials may not get separated easily. In the case of paper, you can keep that tight together in a bag. 

Empty Then Clean And Then Dry

In your household, food and liquor containers are majorly put into the recycle bin. But putting any of these containers dirty or unclean can pollute the whole truck of recyclables. So, don’t put dirty containers; clean and dry them properly before putting them into the recycle bin. 

Give A Sniff Test To Recycling Bin

Clean your recycling bin if it smells bad. This bad smell can be because of contaminated food. Always rinse it properly after dropping it. 


There is no denying that paper and plastic recycling is amazing not only for mother nature but also for ourselves and future generations. Recycling is not just enough. Try to find multiple ways to reduce waste and produce toxic materials like plastic. 

For instance, pass on plastic bags and bring reusable bags like cloth bags for grocery shopping and others. Or you can get a portable, reusable water bottle. With that being said, let’s part our ways with saying happy environment, happy us! 

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